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As awareness about pelvic floor health grows, an increasing number of Ontario clinics are offering Emsella Chair treatment as part of their services. In many cases, clinics, including our own, offer a complimentary consultation appointment, which includes time on the Emsella Chair so clients can try the experience before investing in the treatment protocol. 

Unfortunately, not all clinics offer the same level of service as it relates to their Emsella Chair offerings. As you investigate your Emsella Chair options in the Niagara area, here are three questions you should ask at your initial consultation appointment to ensure you are setting yourself up for Emsella treatment success.

Emsella Chair Consultation Question #1: What training does your staff have in pelvic floor health and continence?

Just like you wouldn’t trust someone without specific training to perform physiotherapy or chiropractic treatments, you’ll want to ensure that the person overseeing your Emsella sessions has received specific training related to pelvic floor health and continence issues. At Revitalize Your Health, owner Shannon Lapointe, who has completed specialized Continence Advisor training at McMaster University, oversees all appointments.

Emsella Chair Consultation Question #2: Will a trained staff member be with me throughout the entirety of all my 28-minute appointments?

While some clinics opt to leave clients unaccompanied during their time on the Emsella Chair, we highly advise against this approach. In addition to this being valuable time for clients to ask questions and receive guidance about their pelvic floor health, it’s also important that clients be monitored to ensure that they stay in the correct position on the chair for maximum treatment effectiveness.

Emsella Chair Consultation Question #3: Does Your Clinic Offer Related Services?

In treating hundreds of patients for continence issues and pelvic floor health concerns at Revitalize Your Health, our team has seen first-hand how helpful other treatments we offer for sexual wellness concerns can be for some clients. For example, in speaking with some of our male clients who have initially visited our clinic for pelvic floor strengthening after prostate surgery, we learn of other related concerns they’re having, like erectile dysfunction. We can then suggest solutions offered by our clinic, like GAINSWave, which is a drug-free and non-invasive therapy that uses pulsed acoustical waves to help men achieve better erections. Women, who often come to see us at the onset of perimenopause or menopause, also are frequently experiencing symptoms like vaginal dryness. Treatments like the O-Shot, which harnesses the power of platelet-rich plasma, can make a powerful impact on these age-related symptoms.

If the clinic you visit for your complimentary Emsella Chair consultation doesn’t have a Certified Continence Advisor on staff, doesn’t have staff sit with clients throughout the entirety of treatment sessions, and doesn’t have a suite of complimentary services, think twice about investing your money there for a complete Emsella protocol.

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