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Sexual Dysfunction Treatment for Women

Get your sex life back

We have non-invasive, painless treatments

Finally there’s a  drug-free, surgery-free alternative treatments for Sexual Dysfunction for women. Don’t go another day living with your dysfunction. The treatments are 100% pain free, and are an encouraging option for women who have not responded to pharmaceutical remedies or are experiencing negative side effects.

  1.  The Emsella chair treatment to strengthen pelvic muscles
  2. FemiWave is an effective option because it addresses the root cause of many sexual issues – poor blood flow.

There’s an alternative to surgery and medications with risky side-effects.

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Emsella Treatment For Sexual Wellness

Strengthen the pelvic floor muscles

The pelvic floor muscles work with your deep abdominal (tummy), deep back muscles and diaphragm to stabilize and support your spine. They also help control the pressure inside your abdomen to deal with the pushing down force when you lift or strain – such as during exercise.

Pelvic floor muscles support the bladder and bowel in men, and the bladder, bowel and uterus in women. They also help maintain bladder and bowel control and play an important role in sexual sensation and function.

Pelvic floor muscles can be strengthened by doing pelvic floor muscle exercises or by sitting in the non-invasive Emsella Chair……Experience The Kegel Throne Emsella Treatment.

Better Orgasms

  • Better ORGASMS For Everyone; a beneficial Side Effect!
    • ​The Emsella Treatment was developed initially to treat urinary incontinence, but it was found that clients were also experiencing increased sexual performance!
  • Strengthening your pelvic floor muscles may result in:
    • Increased Intimacy
    • Sexual Desire
    • Lubrication
    • Intensified Orgasm
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What is FemiWave®?

FemiWave uses low-intensity shockwaves, a clinically-proven procedure that treats the root cause and increases blood flow to restore healthy tissue. The procedure is non-invasive and performed on the outer and inner labia. Women can expect results such as increased sensitivity and lubrication, as well as strengthening, tightening and improved appearance. There is zero downtime, drugs or lasers, and the results are long-lasting. FemiWave was created and tested along with our community of providers, using standardized protocols to ensure patient safety and optimum results. Overall, FemiWave helps enhance sexual performance and function.

How Does it Work?

The FemiWave procedure increases cell signaling in blood vessels, which stimulates blood flow to nerves and the vaginal lining, and activates the growth of healthier vaginal tissue. This process, called neurogenesis, enhances sensitivity in the vagina and can make orgasms easier to achieve. FemiWave restores the natural ability to lubricate and can reduce pain experienced during intercourse.

What to Expect?

FemiWave can restore your sexual wellness and boost intimacy in just six to twelve sessions. The in-office procedure takes 15-20 minutes and is pain-free! In 6 to 12 sessions each taking between 15 to 20 minutes, FemiWave treatments:
• Stimulates the release of growth factors in vaginal tissue, resulting in the generation of new blood vessels
• Enhances sensitivity in the vagina
• Increases natural lubrication production
• Tightens and strengthens muscles to reduce incontinence

Treatment for Sexual Enhancement

Women during all stages of life have an interest in improving their sexual performance with increased sensitivity, better orgasms, and natural lubrication. FemiWave is a breakthrough solution for women’s sexual health that uses diffused energy pulse waves. Blood flow is improved and blood vessels are repaired through the FemiWave procedure. FemiWave is a safe and effective procedure that enhances a woman’s sexual performance long-term. Intercourse can become more enjoyable due to increased sensitivity, lubrication, and overall increased confidence.

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Combine treatments for the best results

All of our patients receive a custom treatment plan to ensure the best outcome

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