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Selfcare … Down There

My experience with the Emsella Chair Treatment at Revitalize Your Health

Standing at my front door, frantically trying to get my key in the lock as I squeezed my legs together and begged my bladder to just hold it in a few seconds longer, I decided enough was enough. I was officially done with the “Hold-It-In Dance” I’d been doing for the past 15 years. In January 2022, I decided it was time to take action.

Having noticed the mysterious blue chair in one of the treatment rooms when I’d been at Synergy Niagara Health and Aesthetics Clinic before, I finally gave in to my curiosity. I asked Shannon about it and learned that the chair was part of the Emsella Treatment, one of the core services offered by Revitalize Your Health Urinary and Sexual Health Centre, which operates out of the same clinic location. Shannon suggested a complimentary Emsella session to learn more about whether pelvic floor conditioning might be a good option for me in my quest to take back my bladder.

What The Heck Is The Emsella Chair Treatment?

From a quick read on the Revitalize Your Health website, I discovered that the blue chair I’d noticed in one of the treatment rooms was essentially a kegel throne! It uses a special technology known as High Intensity Focused ElectroMagnetic Energy to target your pelvic floor muscles, stimulating almost 12,000 deep muscle contractions in just 28 minutes. These contractions, which are much stronger than what you can produce doing kegel exercises on your own, quickly strengthen your pelvic floor muscles. Those pelvic floor muscles play a vital role in supporting your bladder, bowels and sexual function. As a result of aging and going through childbirth and menopause, these muscles often weaken, resulting in problems like leaking urine. As the Emsella chair strengthens those muscles, symptoms related to weakness, including urinary incontinence, often disappear.

It’s About So Much More Than The Chair

In my initial consultation, I quickly realized that Shannon’s holistic approach made the Emsella Treatment about so much more than just sitting on a chair. As part of her extensive healthcare education, Shannon is completing training at McMaster University to become a Certified Continence Advisor. As a first step during my appointment, Shannon completed a detailed assessment to get a better sense of my lifestyle and how it might be impacting my incontinence issues. I was surprised to learn that my bladder issues weren’t just a result of aging and childbirth. There were some things that I was doing that I thought were healthy, like putting lemon in my water and drinking sparkling water to help stay hydrated, that were probably making my incontinence issues worse.

Trying The “Down There” Chair

Once Shannon had determined that I was a good candidate for the Emsella treatment, it was time to try out the Emsella Chair for myself. Here are just a few of the things I was relieved to learn:

  • You remain fully clothed for the treatment.
  • The treatment is totally non-invasive.
  • There are no medications, lotions or any special tools involved.
  • It doesn’t hurt at all. You definitely feel that something is going on down there, but other than being a bit tingly, there is no pain involved and no recovery time afterward.

While a standard course of treatment is six, 28-minute sessions, I was shocked that I felt a noticeable difference after my first full session. In addition to not having to go to the bathroom as urgently, I noticed far less leakage from my tampon when my next period arrived.

The Benefits Beyond The Bathroom

As I proceeded through the initial six-session treatment, I quickly started to notice a range of other changes in both my body and my life, including:

  • I was able to go for much longer stretches of time between bathroom breaks
  • I started drinking more water because I wasn’t constantly worrying about there always needing to be a bathroom nearby
  • As my body got used to being properly hydrated, I felt less hungry and found myself craving water instead of snacks between meals. My skin started to look better too!
  • I started sleeping for longer periods through the night and felt more rested in the mornings because I wasn’t getting up to go to the bathroom multiple times.
  • Things felt more lifted and tighter “below the belt,” which made me feel more confident and increased the sense of pleasure I was getting while being intimate with my partner.

Final Verdict: A Sound Investment In My Self-Care Investment

In talking with friends about my amazing experience going through the Emsella treatment, the most frequent question I hear is whether the benefits justify the cost. My simple answer is: absolutely. As women, we seem to have no issue spending money on highlights for our hair or manicures and pedicures. The benefits generated from a 28-minute session on the Emsella Chair are so much impactful. I believe that any investment that leaves my body and my sense of confidence stronger is money well spent. If you’re struggling with a weak bladder, I can’t recommend this treatment enough. At the very least, book a complimentary consultation to learn if this could put you on the path to improved pelvic floor health too.

Not Just For Women

Incontinence issues associated with aging aren’t limited to women. In men, a weak pelvic floor can also lead to a need to urinate frequently or leakage when the bladder is full. If you know a man struggling with this, a complimentary consultation at Revitalize Your Health Urinary and Sexual Health Centre will quickly determine if the Emsella treatment can help address the issue.

About The Author

The client who wrote this testimonial is a woman in her late 40’s who has had three children, including a set of twins.