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Erectile Dysfunction Treatment

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Finally there’s a  drug-free, surgery-free alternative treatments for Erectile Dysfunction and Male Enhancement. Don’t go another day living with your dysfunction. The treatments are 100% pain free, and are an encouraging option for men who have not responded to pharmaceutical remedies or are experiencing negative side effects.

  1.  The Emsella chair treatment to strengthen pelvic muscles
  2. Focus shockwave therapy to increase blood flow
  3. Penis pump effective for 96% of men

There’s an alternative to surgery and medications with risky side-effects.

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Emsella Treatment For ED

Strengthen the pelvic floor muscles

The pelvic floor is the base of the group of muscles referred to as your ‘core’. These muscles are located in your pelvis and stretch like a hammock from the pubic bone (at the front) to the coccyx or tail-bone (at the back) and from side to side.

The pelvic floor muscles work with your deep abdominal (tummy), deep back muscles and diaphragm to stabilize and support your spine. They also help control the pressure inside your abdomen to deal with the pushing down force when you lift or strain – such as during exercise.

Pelvic floor muscles support the bladder and bowel in men, and the bladder, bowel and uterus in women. They also help maintain bladder and bowel control and play an important role in sexual sensation and function.

  • This is a non-invasive treatment
  • You remain fully clothed
  • 100% Painless
  • Zero down time
  • 28 minute sessions

The Kegel Throne Emsella Treatment:

    • It is quite simply the fastest and most reliable way to strengthen the pelvic floor.
    • It can accomplish this in a very comfortable series of sessions on the specially designed electromagnetic chair.
    • It causes almost 12, 000 supramaximal pelvic floor contractions each 28-minute session.
    • This treatment also increases blood flow to the area which also helps treat ED.
  • The protocol involves 6-28 minute sessions within 3 Weeks!
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Focus shockwave therapy For ED

Increase blood flow to the area

Focus shockwave therapy is an evidence-based, alternative treatment for erectile dysfunction. The key to healthy erectile function is good blood flow within the tissues. Oral medications, such as Viagra, Cialis, Levitra and other erectile dysfunction drugs are are not safe for use with some pre-existing conditions and can lead to harmful side effects. They also aren’t effective for all men.  Instead of potentially harmful medications, Focused Shockwave  Therapy uses pulsed-energy waves to open and repair aging blood vessels and increase blood flow to your penis.

Shockwave therapy accelerates the healing process in the body by stimulating the metabolism and enhancing blood circulation to regenerate damaged tissue. Shockwave technology delivers strong energy pulses that are applied to the affected area for short periods of time. This stimulates cells in the body that are responsible for bone and connective tissue healing. In many instances, shockwave therapy treatments, have proven to be effective in cases where the human body has not been able to heal itself on its own.

Double-blind, randomized, controlled studies, indicate up to 91% improvement with 84% success rate for numerous conditions.

Shockwave therapy is a proven effective treatment supported by medical literature.

Benefits of this treatment:

  • noninvasive
  • painless
  • no pills
  • no surgery
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A multi facet approach is available


  • Creates and maintains an erection for 96% of men.
  • Erection within 60 seconds – Be ready in a moment’s notice.
  • 1-piece system makes it convenient & easy to use.
  • Effective regardless of cause (diabetes, prostate, meds, etc.).
  • Comes with multiple size rings, so comfort can be achieved for all sizes.
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